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I would agree with Candice…reach out to your local high school band directors. I switched form high school this year, but when I was there, would have been more than willing to have a college student come by our practices to observe. You may need to be cleared through the district office, depending how often you visit. Also, depending on the resources of the high schools in your area, you may offer a quid-pro-quo, like helping out with sectionals for your instruments. I taught in a fairly poor area, and had no money for sectional coaches. I would have LOVED if college kids came to help out with my sectionals.

Also, watch lots of Youtube videos of good high school bands to get an idea of what shows are about. And don’t worry, when you get your first gig, you can always prioritize hiring help (marching and visual instructors). Be careful in the job you accept though, you don’t want to walk into a high school position that just won state or national marching competition the year before.

Good luck!