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I would say don’t play the games for a while. Find other ways to work on these things Also, absence makes the heart grow fonder. If they miss them, explain why you stopped doing them and ask for suggestions from them to solve some of these issues.

I do some rhythm games that I have the kids practice in small groups – these are games where they have to coooerate or it won’t work. I circle round and coach, and when a group is ready, I merge them with another group till the group gets bigger and bigger (working well). BUt I also encourage the kids who need more time or work better in slower groups to keep it that way – that’s ok. My criteria have to do with working steadily and ACCURATELY. Once I see that, I let them make variations on the patterns they are working on – I also show case good practicing – have the kids analyze what I like about the way a certain group is working, etc. I also have kids coach each other.