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Congratulations Mr. T! I have always loved teaching middle school guitar class, the kids can be so enthusiastic and ready to try new things. They are also so much easier to teach in regards to basic technique. I would be sure to give them some good scale exercises to strengthen them and extend their reach with the left hand….I have a lot of them, let me know if you would want a copy of my scale regimen. In fact, I find that few kids in the sixth grade and beyond need small guitars. Careful attention to left hand position and technique generally gives the needed extension to comfortably reach a full size classical neck in the open position. I agree with Glen and Chris that you can expect the middle schoolers to cover much of the same material. You may even find that they will be more eager to perform, and take to note reading easier than the high school students often do. I am anxious to hear about the progress of your class!

Best of luck!

John Truitt