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Dear Bushc,

Sounds as if you took the bull by the horns and got it going in your school! Bravo! Your observation about kids progressing faster because they have their own guitars is very true. Is there a way that your youngsters could check out an instrument for weekend practice? I know that this can be difficult, but it may make the difference for the 5th graders who have such a short time in class on the instruments. How big are your classes? that can be pretty hard for the young ones, too. Is there a chance to have an after school club or lunch time meeting to make up the time for the fifth graders? I know that can be a pain, but I have found that when the lights go on for that age group it’s worth all the time spent to get them there. Bless you for your hard work, and keep us informed about your progress!

thanks so much for joining the thread!

John Truitt