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Are you looking for “music” related videos? seems like a waste at this point if they’re done with their trimester. I don’t have an issue with showing non musical movie to my kids. Give em a break. CAUTION: Be really careful with language. Words and innuendo that kids wouldn’t even blink at when they’re home suddenly become vulgar and offensive when they watch it at school, especially if they’re problem kids in class–and they will tell their parents. Generally, I try to stay away from musically themed films with middle school kids. I think its a bit patronizing, especially when it comes to a free day. Free day to me means just that. Let’s take a break from music and just kick back and have some fun. (although I will show one from time to time.) Try these:

High School Musical
How many girls do you have? Majority of 8th grade girls? You will score with Flika 2
Try West side story. (this will take 2 periods).
About Winn Dixie

If you need music, Stomp and Blast are great. Be careful though, Blast has some, er um….. costuming that show off the male performers assets, especially the guard. AND THE KIDS WILL NOTICE THIS!

At the end of each semester, I have a movie day. The kids bring in treats and hang out together.
Perhaps adjust your thinking regarding films to show kids. Assess what your goals are and the choose a film based on those goals. If its the last day you'[ll have with this group. Choose a fun movie and leave them with good memories.

Regarding Mr. Holland: I think the content is way above a middle schooler’s head. I know many teachers that show this movie because its “about music”, but it’s really about Mr. Holland. Remember, although there’s a musical message, much of the movie is about Mr. Holland’s personal struggles with his view of his personal success; feeling like he’s a failure and coming to grips with a having deaf child. The musical message is almost incidental and the message of the power of teaching music is only reveled at the end of the movie. The content is NOT middle school material.