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Because their open fundamental note is Bb, and overtone/partial series is based on Bb (just as a trumpet’s fundamental is Bb concert). As opposed to an Eb tuba whose fundamental is Eb–however, I believe that Eb tuba parts (unless, again, they are scored for English brass band) are also written in concert pitch, and the tuba player would have to know the fingering combinations for the different instrument. Tenor trombone is called a Bb instrument because its fundamental in 1st position is Bb (as opposed to an alto trombone which has Eb as its fundamental… and I’ve never played an alto trombone but I believe it’s scored in concert pitch but using alto clef and has different positions than a tenor trombone… I remember having to read some really old orchestral trombone parts in alto clef… we played the alto trombone parts on tenor trombones, reading concert pitch in alto clef. Correct me if I’m wrong, more legitimate trombone players… I was a euphonium major who doubled. 😀 ).