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This year, I started to keep developmental records on my junior high students. I see grades 6-8 in one band, and keeping strict records of individual student progress will allow me to give them better formal assessments. There are six levels of proficiency on my checklists- the first is for beginners and the sixth would be for super amazing achievers. It’s basically a checklist that describes what students should know or be able to do at that level (tone, scales, articulation, sight reading, understanding terms, etc). I used to assign playing tests based on grade, but I think this will ensure that students are being assessed at an appropriate level, not at the level they “should” be in a certain grade. This checklist (which I adapted from the one used in the La Crosse, WI school district) also lets me see where the deficiencies in my teaching are. I am using some pre- and post- tests to assess some of these areas, but not very much. The checklists include a place to put the date that a student demonstrated their ability or knowledge to me.

I should also tell you that I’m still finding out where my students fall in the developmental levels. It’s taking some time to sort everything out, but in the long run, I think we will all find it beneficial.