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The important thing with the little ones is to make them love music. Do things with them that are fun and enjoyable and they will love coming to music but more importantly love music itself! The younger they are the more singing I do. I teach about instruments and introduce them to Kinders. First grade I do the same as kindergarten but go more in depth about the instruments and their families. I also start introducing the staff and the treble clef and notes (whole, half, quarter…and their “best friends” whole rest, half rest, and quarter rest). Second grade still do singing but start clapping and counting rhythms and then add percussion instruments to that or boom whackers. I add more stuff on theory such as time signature, bar lines, double bar lines..etc. I sing a song called cruisin along (in a wee-sing book) and add percussion instruments to that and they love it! They about die to play the vibraslap! Third grade is prepping for recorders. I teach reading notes on the staff so that the second part of the year they can read the music while they are playing the recorder. I still do singing in third grade but harder music and I also have them write their own verse to boom boom ain’t it great to be crazy. I teach about Stephen Foster and sing Oh Susanna, I sing and do hand clap songs like Shortn’in bread, sing Old Dan Tucker, etc…
4th grade is a lot of music history stuff but still singing. 5th grade I do a lot of group projects like making their own board games and a lip sync contest. Hope this helps!