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I am also a music education student. I am presently taking my string methods class. I would like to share some of my string challenges with you.
I started on cello. I had problems with the bow hitting my legs due to improper peg height adjustment. I also recommend checking the students grip on the bow. The students should be warned about the tingling and numbness in their finger tips when they first start playing. You don’t want the parents thinking something is wrong with their kid.
The bass was easier for me to play accurately because of the distance between the strings when bowing. My sound and bowing suffered until I learned how to properly apply resin to the strings.
I am presently on violin. The biggest adjustment is the way I hold the bow, the amount of bow I use, the amount of pressure applied to strings with the bow, and accurately hitting the proper strings with the bow.
You can apply the same basic principles you use for band, choir, and general music. The only differences are the instruments being played. All method books have limitations, but I found a link on another topic that may be helpful Web article: “Choosing Literature” —
The ideal situation would be for you to play along with the students. It will give you the ability to teach more style related fundamentals. You may have to practice a little, but the method books are easy at this level.
Good Luck!