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I try to do fund raisers that highlight what we do as a choir. Last night and tonight, we are presenting a show entitled: Spotlight: A Roughrider Nightclub. (Our mascot is the Roughrider). I hold auditions for solo singers. I play the piano, I have a bass player and a drummer – we call this our house band. We rehearse with the soloists for 1-2 weeks. The students sing pop, country, jazz, blues, and musicals. We sell tickets for $5.00 for students and $7.00 for adults. This is a 100% profit fund-raiser as we have no overhead.

I ask parents to donate chips, salsa, veggies and ranch dressing, cookies, brownies, water and pop. We then sell concessions.

We transform our student center into a nightclub. We have white table cloths on the tables and have tea lights on the table- we set up a stage with a black curtain behind the stage. We have 2 spotlights focused on the stage. We have rope lights around the stage and then we turn off all of the student center lights. I have MCs who run the show. It is a very magical evening. We make between $2000-$3000. And it really showcases what we do.

I have more ideas about fund-raising by doing what we do – SING! You can contact me at if you want more ideas.

Jolene Dalton Gailey
NAfME, Northwest Chairperson of the Choral Council