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Another fun one is a version of Twister – it works best with a smaller group though, so it depends how many kids you have!

I happen to have a big colorful music rug in my classroom with a giant treble staff on it, but I’ve done this before by using masking tape to create a giant music staff. Students are split into two teams, and each team sends one student at a time (two students compete at once, in other words). Shout out things like “right hand on low E” and “left foot on B”. They keep going until someone falls or makes a mistake, and the winning team gets a point. Then on to the next two! I usually just try to make sure that the staff is big enough and the students stick to their own sides so there isn’t any actual tangling of limbs for safety issues.

Also there are some fun Jeopardy templates online that can be used with different smart boards – or you can tape questions to the board. Mix up note identification, rhythm clapping, instrument family identification, etc!