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I see a couple ways to go on a project like this. First, you could relate it to the music business as a consumer industry. Perhaps start with Payola in the ’50s and how that related to post WWII youth having spending money for the first time, and the “music business” wanting to cash in on the “teen” crowd. How did that business model extend into the 70s, 80’s all the way to now in creating “stars” who might have 1 or 2 smash hits, but then were burned out by the touring and pressures of the concert circuit? There are dozens of artists easily found on Wikipedia under one-hit-wonder who could be used as examples. Kids could give power-point presentations on their favorite artist.

Another way to go that might be a little more age appropriate is the use of one-hit wonder Rick Astley’s song “Never gonna give you up” as a meme to “Rick-Roll” people. Connect this to famous one-hit wonder songs that appear on tv commercials as well – connect it to other types of media, in other words. Kids could create a list of famous songs by 1-hitters that are used in other media formats and give a presentation on the artist and how their song was used in another outlet.