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I have a master file that says “MASTER FILE” for all of my originals that I wish to keep for future printing. All of my originals have MASTER written on them in caps using a yellow highlighter. Highlighters do not copy on a regular copy machine. You don’t need any special highlighter for this. That way you always know which one to use. You can also laminate your originals (I have not done this but my PTA has and it worked for them).

You can, of couse, do a MASTER FILE for each grade level, color code, etc. I just never got to that point.

Hope this helps. (FYI–Thumbdrives are great, but make sure to back up in two places–I have had lots of new teachers back up to a thumb drive only to lose it and then have to start from scratch. Redundency is best. Cloud storage is even better.)

Good luck.

Bridget James
Western Division Representative
Council for General Music Education, NAfME