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I teach in an urban district in CT. Generally kids play these games before or after school, or during other free time. (My school does get recess – some don’t due to scores – but they tend to play on the playground during recess.) If I finish a couple minutes early, they ask to play this or other “trendy” games. Funny how certain games suddenly gain popularity.

I had a general idea of The Cup Game (find it on YouTube), a game whereby students gather in a circle with one cup. Come to realize this is all the rage with my 4th graders. …. The participants perform a clap pattern with their hands and the cup, then pass the cup to the next person. After a couple times at one speed, another cup is added and it speeds up. One day the rhythm stick game which I planned for the last ten minutes of class didn’t take off as I had planned. Students began playing the Cup Game with rhythm sticks instead, so I gave them paper cups (for my after-school choir) and they had a blast. The little things, you know!!