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I’ve taught patriotic songs for Veteran’s Day and gave a program in order to motivate them a bit more. I’ve also included “Proud to be an American” in addition to the songs mentioned above. I usually give one song to each grade level so that eventually they learn them throughout their elementary years. This new district is not in school during V-day, so I didn’t do a program this year, but thinking about it close to the date for next year. You could also add sign language to any of the songs; it might help them remember the words. I do lots with charts with words written on them, and then start to cover up lines the more we work on a song until most have it memorized. Just keep pushing for memorization; I like the idea about working in pairs discussing the words. I also recommend the Kelly Clarkson performance of America the Beautiful. I have never heard it sung that way and think she did a fantastic job singing it, LIVE, I might add.