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if you search online you can find lots of games to reinforce the vocabulary and history of the SSBanner—I play a jeopordy game on my smart board, then a bucket game—in teams with rotating “captians” they answer the questions by writing the answer on a page protector– each team with the right answer gets a chance to throw a ball into the bucket for points, Their favorite game is getting into a circle and I say the first word, point to each student in order and they must say the next word, if they are wrong or late, they sit down–the kids still up at the end of the game are the winners. I teach the words and vocab starting in 3rd grade–review in 4th grade with worksheets–and review in 5th grade and add the games. Each year I show youtube examples…I probably wouldn’t spend whole lessons for any length of time on patriotic songs, I would add them as parts of lessons and keep reviewing.