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Find videos of pop stars singing the songs. ex. Beyonce lip-synching the SSB at the Inauguration, Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl. Get them to talk about how each version was the same song, but very different styles; how certain words were brought out / more dramatic. Other songs like Yankee Doodle or America the Beautiful, same deal – search YouTube for performances of these songs, possibly in Gospel or slightly more pop styles which the kids could relate to.

I recommend if your school does not allow YouTube. You can convert the website link into a WMV or mp3 file, which can be loaded onto a disk and opened on your work computer.

Years ago I found a worksheet online called the “Star Mangled Banner” – It’s the song typed out with missing words. The spots for the missing words were text boxes shaded in with no border. I have done this for other songs I’m trying to teach – or just as an extension of the material. …. Another activity is to put kids in small groups and give each kid a copy of the score to the piece. Separately or on the back have a worksheet which asks them to notice rhythmic and melodic patterns, time signature, direction of the melody in given measures, etc.

… Or you can make it more interesting: a game. Separate the class into two teams, each in a huddle. You sing or play a line of the song; when you stop, the teams have to agree on the correct words with which to finish the phrase, then “ring in” with an aux instrument. One point for each correct line, or more if it’s a longer / harder line.

If your students can read music, have them play the song on glocks, keyboards or boomwhackers. Hope that helps!!