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Our Kindergarten has performed a Halloween/Fall themed program and a Thanksgiving/Fall themed program in the past. We use short poems and short songs, many of which are familiar tunes that I have changed the lyrics to. Lots of hand motions, props and moving around. This year we are doing a literacy based program, Songs you can Read and Books you can Sing, such as Raffi, Brown Bear (to the tune of Twinkle), Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Pete the Cat and others. I teach the songs in music class, the teachers reinforce in the classrooms on chart paper and smartboards. The classroom teachers sit in front of the kids during the concert doing hand motions and holding cue cards. I play piano. 55 minutes is a LOOOOOONG time for K music!!!!
Our 1st grade does a Winter Concert which is half them alone and half an audience sing-a-long. 5th and 6th grade can definitely use octavos and traditional varied choral music. Check the Pepper website for their basic library and editors choice selections and the ACDA website.