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It’s nice to know I wasn’t alone in having doubts! The other two brass teachers at my private lessons school were full up, which is why I wound up with the kid (I usually teach beginning piano, but being a band director, take on beginners of other instruments too). Both of those teachers said they started playing when they were in 2nd grade, so 1st grade should be no problem. I kind of got backed into a corner and went through a trial lesson. The kid is huge for age 6, could already explain mathematical concepts through division and square roots, and is reading “The Hobbit” for the 3rd time. I was a little blown away by his cognitive abilities. However, he did not have the breath support to sustain pitches for very long, though he was able to maintain partials. I’m still on the fence, but unfortunately it comes down to money – as in I need it and the parent is willing to give it to me. As this is my first time beginning a kid this young, any and all advice you’ve got for me would be huge! How can I go about increasing his lung power?