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I began implementing Edmodo last February with my 7th and 8th grade bands. We found it most useful for self assessments, ensemble critiques, as well as for performance reflections. When combined with Sound Cloud, I found it very useful. Sound Cloud has an app that allowed me to record students during class with my smart phone and it would automatically upload to my internet account through wifi. Once it was there it was simple to share with the students privately through Edmodo. I would create Assignments on Edmodo and they would write and “Turn In” their assignments. On a few occasions, I would assess their recordings through Sound Cloud to make notes in real time, which they found very useful. For class discussions, I allowed students to post videos of other concert bands for the class to critique using predetermined criteria (student created rubrics). We also used this for our own performance review and class discussions on general music topic discussions. I noticed students improving in areas such as sound quality, phrasing and interpretation, which are usually more difficult than some concepts. They began listening more critically and were forced to find a way to explain their growth or areas needing improvement through their writing. I continued to use a hybrid type chart that had both minutes and a detailed practice session for them to complete. I would be happy to share this if you are interested. I created it based on one that I found in an old Music Educators Journal. Hope this is helpful.