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I do a lot of picture books with preschoolers. I find books that have a repeated phrase or chant and them put that phrase or chant to music or practice high and low voices with the phrase when it appears in the book.

Mortimer by Robert Muncsh is a great example. Mortimer won’t go to bed and says “clang, clang, rattle bing bang. Gonna make my noise all day! (2 times) I put this to a little tune and the students sing with me every time we get to it. They are interested in the story and joining in on the song.

This is just an example. I use books like that probably 50% of the time with my preschoolers. They love to have high voices for Grandma or Mom or low voices for monsters and policemen and dads. Once they behave well while reading, you can add shakers and classroom percussion to go along with the singing or use them for sounds heard in the book.

Boomwhackers are also a lot of fun. I have 25 sets of Boomwhackers and 2 cd’s. Boomwhacker Games and More Boomwhacker Games. The instructions for each song are on the cd. Listen to the instructions and play the Boomwhackers during the song. The only challenge is getting the kids to whack the floor and not each other……