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I am a music education major. I have had one professor that talked about the management aspect. My interpretation was there are too many different variables from school system to school system. Schools whether public or private are there for students to learn, but the rules vary on what’s appropriate. That’s why I think the college curriculum in this area is so weak.
This makes me think about my oboe methods class. I hated my assigned oboe. The oboe had two holes in bell that had to be covered with your legs to play (low Bb). The other students all had a (low Bb) key. The musical piece I had to play for the test had low (Bb) in it. It was a challenge. The question is where do we set your quality of instrument standards? Will this be strictly dictated by your band budget? Where do you draw the line? Is it fair to the student?
I do have a response to one of jkrieder’s questions. A retired band director told me in an established program changes may take years to successfully implement. Students may not be receptive of changes being made to a program they were already a part of. The students/ parents you will have 3 years will have no knowledge of the previous program. The present student’s will be much easier to transition.