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Welcome to what is known as January. Kids are unpredictable, especially this time of year. We have a highly successful program, and have grown from 105 kids to 190 kids in just 3 years. Yet, each year around this time, I live life with a pit in my stomach over who is going to quit, what is going to happen 3 years from now, etc. etc. Sometimes you just lose a larger number of kids….if you’re track record is good, then try not to worry about it too much. If you are doing something differently this year, then assess what you are doing and what affect it might be having.

I try to keep the attrition percentage below 10% each year…….we’re usually well under that. Out of 190 kids, we’re losing 9 this year…..and it’s driving me absolutely nuts. I’m starting to tell myself to worry about only the things I can control, but it’s easier said than done. Also, if you are losing the “right” kids, that can often be a good thing, especially if it’s a clique of kids…they will drag the entire group down with negativity anyhow.