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I have been the advisor for Michigan State’s chapter and am currently starting as the advisor to U of New Mexico – in both these situations, I was in the position to add a little fuel to the fire for the chapter. Things that I found to be helpful….
1. Get your executive board in place – President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a VP acting as social media. Also important to the board is making sure all areas are represented – band, choir, orchestra, piano/guitar, general music, and whatever other specialities in music education that your school offers. These can be named officers or officers at large.
2. Get the word out! Advertise in whatever what you have available to you – Paper, Bulletin boards, Event TVs, Social Media – whatever you have around you – let it be known!
3. One of the best opening events- is a social mixer, a music ed rally. Invite all the music ed majors and faculty – buy some food that you pass out for free – invite some of the faculty and students to speak and have a great time!
4. From there, you want to balance your events with music, professional development, and fundraisers. Invite speakers, but also have jam sessions. Raise some funds – but make sure those funds are being put to good use. This is a money in, money out organization. Money that you raise should be used!
5. Find and follow other collegiate NAfME groups on both twitter and facebook. You can get great ideas for events by seeing what other groups are doing! This is a list of the C-NAfME groups that I know of on twitter.
Good luck to your chapter! Let me know if you have other questions!