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I’m an officer at my school’s fairly large chapter, so I may have a little bit of input.
One thing we do is at the beginning of every Fall and near the end of the Spring, we host a cookout for anyone involved with music at the school. It’s a getting-to-know-you event that gets the entire student body involved and comfortable around each other. It usually gets a pretty high showing, because honestly, who’s going to turn down free food, and it’s usually a lot of fun. It puts our organization in good regard with the student body.
Another (less fun) thing we do is have each of our 5 officers take a list of students, and become an “adviser” to these students- we keep checks on them, remind them about upcoming meetings, remind them to register, encourage them to go to conference. We are their direct link to the organization. It makes everything more personal.
At our meetings, we often invite guest speakers from the area to give lectures. Local music teachers are more often than not very excited to come in and talk to future teachers, and I highly recommend taking advantage of that resource. It draws in people, and often leaves them with a lot more information than what they’re likely to get in their classes.
Those are just a few things that we do over at Kent State, I hope they helped out.