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Thank you for your suggestions! Each comment had something I can try in coming weeks. I like the tickets idea. We have school-wide PBIS tickets we hand out, but I can make my own to supplement for this class, or keep the PBIS tickets they earn from me in my class in a jar to draw out for the prizes and then let them have the tickets at the end of the week. And I do need to be more conscious of acknowledging the ones who are on task doing the right thing, and divert my attention away from the ones who are disruptive.

I’ve done group work with this crew last year when they were in normal-sized classes and it might work. And maybe a fun creative activity for the students who do their work in the groups and a less fun, more worksheet-y activity for the students who aren’t working or cooperating in their groups (based on problems we’ve had in the past with bickering, tattling, and laziness).

And I think I’m going to pull out of that community performance that is mostly singing and quit pushing the singing. They mostly enjoy recorders so I can keep the recorder song we’ve been working on for our holiday program, and try to pick music they’re more into to have a couple more songs for this group for the program in December.

Thanks again for the input! I’m still open to suggestions!