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I need to echo “freela253″‘s thought. The title of my post would be “really frustrating 8th grade” class rather than 5th grade. But as I was reading that initial post, I found so many things in common with her class and my class. It seems as though there is just a whole lot of apathy going on The students don’t care and because they don’t care, they feel like its right to make disrespectful comments about why music class is stupid and the like.

We have the PBIS tickets at my school too and I gave one of the rows a ticket today for being quiet and respectful…and the first girl I handed it to said “Can we have candy instead?”. They just don’t care! Ugh!

I am a brand new teacher and I’m just not knowing good incentives or consequences for the music classroom. I have nothing to take away…but I don’t have a whole lot to give them either.

And the activities that most kids would love doing, these kids seem to hate… I am at a loss.