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Just an update on this crew: They pulled through and did a good job on the holiday program, but we’re in the thick of the winter doldrums now, and I’m still seeing the same disrespectful behaviors from all the same people.

They’re like this everywhere and with everyone, but it’s still hard not to take it personally. And I’m afraid I’ve just sort of blown it with this group for good because I’ve ended up yelling at and/or lecturing them so much. I don’t know how to earn their respect back or come back from all the negativity we’ve experienced together. It’s really discouraging.

Like I’ve said, it’s more of a group dynamic and scheduling issue, both of which I feel I have little or no control over. I’m going to just power through and be firm and consistent with consequences for disrespectful and bad-attitude behaviors and hopefully improve things little by little. Any further suggestions, advice, or commiserating would be awesome.