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I have changed my approach to 5th and 6th graders. I don’t do a lot of singing with them. They don’t want to and I can teach music through other means. My 6th grade music class is mostly a music history class. I teach one (about 7 30 minute classes) on the history of The Star Spangled Banner, and then do composer units. The students take notes, and have written and listening tests over the material covered.

I have YouTube Days as motivators. I have about 50 videos off of YouTube that I downloaded. The classes get a tally when they have a good behavior day. When they have 8 tallies, they vote on the videos they want to see and we spend the next class watching them. Those individuals causing problems get detentions so the whole class is not penalized. You might end up with 10 detentions for a week, but they will get the point.