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I am also a k-8 music teacher that does it all. Our school was built last year. 5,500 sq ft. sound really big! But I guess it depends on your class sizes. I have about 240 kids in our school and my groups/classes range from 15-30 students. My room is about 900 sf. and that seems perfect. The most students I would have in my room would be 50 students during a combined rehearsal. I use the stage for bigger groups. I asked for the stage to be double sided so I can use the Gym or Cafe (in between stage) for performances. This way I can use the stage without affecting gym class or lunch. The stage is also near the music room.

Below are some word of advice,

Make sure the sound system accepts mp3 hookup. I got a cassette deck and cd player from a 1990’s eng. spec. I have to use a xlr to 1/8 adapter for my ipod/computer hook up. Also make sure their is some type of monitor or speaker on stage for performers to hear. If you are getting a digital board make sure it is located where you want it. I have the wenger chairs with desk attachments. Make sure you order 2-3 left handed desk. I requested a small office that I use as a practice room instead. I personally chose to keep band instruments in a attached shelf system and not use lockers, but I lock my music room when I am not there. One aspect that was out of our control was the parking lot spaces. My gym has a 700 person capacity but our parking lot only holds 100 cars max.

Good luck