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I agree, with the books. I would start now looking at the books and try receive trial copies to figure out which book you will be use it. Some books you have to buy each child an individual copy, whereas other books such as recorder karate and the complete recorder method give you copy permissions for your school. These books are more expensive for one copy, but you only have to buy one and you can make as many copies as you want. one consideration is coming copies you are allowed to run with your schools is a consideration with these.

As for your recorders, I have built up a school set of roughly 100 recorders over the course of several years. I have my students that are able to purchase one from local vendors or online. At the end of the year, I have the students that are just planning on throwing them away and leave me the recorders. If they have siblings or they want to continue play recorder I encourage them to keep them. As for my class sets I actually washed them in the school dishwasher. I spoke with my cafeteria manager and she agreed to wash them for me. However, we did a test with just one recorder at the beginning to make sure that it created no problems. And it did not. So I am now able to get my recorders washed in under three minutes.