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Hi Toni –
Great idea! More people might chime in if there are different threads for the different topics you mentioned (pitch matching, rhythm reading, etc.).

Here’s mine, though, that combines rhythm and solfege:
Take a known song that has both the most advanced rhythmic and melodic concepts known to the grade level. After singing it through one time with words, sing it once with rhythm, then once with solfege. Then, have the class start solfege, but when the students are singing the song, give some sort of signal (clapping, tapping the board with a tuning fork, playing a triangle, anything) which is their cue to switch over to rhythm words. Switching from melodic to rhythmic work within the same song iis fun and challenging, and requires them to have pretty good literacy skills. For an extra challenge, switch between the rhythm and solfege more than once. And for management, allow one student who clearly is making strong effort to be the student in charge of the signal to switch. I find this works well with third grade on up, as a good way to practice literacy skills without spending a super-long time.

Rhythm and Melody Bingo. You can buy these, but I made my own. I took four-beat patterns that are common in the songs that I teach, then constructed bingo boards on cardstock using those patterns. This allows me to play the game, but ask the students to identify the rhythm in different ways. From easiest to hardest:
(1) I tell them the rhythm (or melodic passage – I use solfege, but you could use letter names, too)
(2) I clap the rhythm, they have to identify it
(3) I sing the rhythm on loo, they have to identify it
(4) I sing the rhythm on words, they have to identify it

It was somewhat time-intensive to create these, but was a good activity for me over Christmas vacation!

Thanks for starting the topic!
Christopher Roberts
Seattle, WA
Council for General Music Member-at-Large