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I think the biggest factor that gets students to practice is knowing that they have to perform in front of their peers. I’m currently a music education student and observing and teaching in a classroom where all of the students are tested on scales and tunes out of a method book as well as specific sections in their repertoire in front of the entire class. The students know that they are not only being graded, but that they will have to play in front of their peers. There is no complaining about this because it is a fair system; all of the students have to do it. There is no reward of food or points. There is just the satisfaction that if the students practice, they will perform well in front of their peers. This system is not perfect either, but it clearly shows which students are dedicated and practice and which my cooperating teacher and I need to spend more time with in class (because they do not take their instrument home or do not practice effectively at home or whatever other reasons). This approach is something that would have to be integrated into your teaching system, however, if you do not currently test in this way.