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I heartily second Leanna’s comments! I understand how you could easily find yourself in that situation, because it feels like there’s just SO much to do, and so much paperwork, rules, forms, etc to being a teacher that it’s sometimes hard to remember why you’re there and why they picked your class.

I have found that students will learn to trust you when they see that you care about them as people. Find out things they do outside of your classroom, and talk to them about it. Sports, books they like, some weird cartoon they love, it doesn’t really matter what it is, just so that there’s some starting point.

Also, it’s useful to remember that they already love music. Try to find places where you can connect something you do in class with some music they already love. That may be a great way to sort of mend the bridge you feel like you’ve halfway burned. It doesn’t have to be anything you’d ever put in a concert, just get them making some music and enjoying doing that with you. Then you’ll have your opportunity to reset.

Good luck! Keep us updated.