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As for bathrooms, I would reconsider my policy. With younger students at the beginning of the year, especially K, there will be exceptions to this policy. Here it is: I only have class for 40 minutes and if I have to hold it they have to hold it. Te teachers are asked by the principal to take all students to the restroom before related arts classes. This was done to preserve my class time as well as the teachers time, because they are already moving about the building. No student get to go when they ask, unless they have a known medical condition. It has been my experience that most will ask the first time and forget. If they ask a second time and are doing the dance I will let them go, but don’t tell them that.

I know this may sound harsh but it does work to protect your precious class time.

A bathroom in the room makes it a little to convenient for them to just go to get out of class. In my previous room I had a bathroom and had to have the same policy.