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Personally, I would never use a reed if I didn’t know where it had been–not even if it looks new. Yeah, they cost money, but in the grand scheme of things they’re not that expensive, especially if you’re concerned about the kids’ health. I’d rather be comfortable knowing the kids are all using their own reeds than go to the time and trouble of sanitizing old reeds that are either way old or possibly previously played (or both). I wouldn’t find those reeds dear–on the contrary, I’d find them disposable.

Often I’ll find a reed on the floor of the band room after a rehearsal, and even if it looks brand new, it goes straight to the garbage.

Would you personally use a reed that has an unknown past? Or would you feel better playing them new out of the box?

N. B.: Vodka would be a real bad idea. Seriously, it could conceivably get you in a lot of trouble, for obvious reasons.