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If you’re really in a pinch, as a last resort Hydrogen Peroxide will get the job done. However, I think that making the kids pay or do work for a new reed is the best idea. All health issues aside, it’s ideal to practice on the reed you want to be performing on (to an extent). No one wants to break in a new reed a few days before a concert, or during the concert. Each reed plays differently than another, and I think it’s important that the students understand just how much a difference the reeds make. I’d try to be proactive, and encourage students to have a stock of reeds, and try to have them rotating 2-3 decent, playing reeds at a time, in order to avoid wearing a single reed out. I understand that this is the most ideal situation, so if matters prevent that, I’d use watered down Listerine or Hydrogen Peroxide.