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I buy enough copies for ALL of my students to abide by copyright law, but they stay in the filing cabinet. I then I make photocopies that the students can write on them with pencil and colored pencils. They keep that music in 3-ring binders that they keep in my room in a folder cabinet. Then I recycle any copies that students don’t want to hold on to at the end of the semester or year. If a kid rips a piece of music, it’s okay – I have a few extras on hand, and it doesn’t mean I have to get all crazy on them. I want kids to be able to take their music home if they want, and I know that if I let them walk out with the actual octavos, I’d be spending a lot on replacements every year, which my budget simply can’t afford. (By the way, when we do All County, etc., those kids do get actual octavos, so some kids in my groups do learn how to deal with caring for music in a responsible way…. I just don’t do that with most of my students.)