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With my elementary choir this year I invested in some plastic portfolios and plastic sheet covers. Put copies of music in each sheet protector (front and back) and then put them into the portfolios in the concert order. Portfolios were from Staples; black with concealed fasteners. I thought of doing this a few weeks before the concert when I was at my wit’s end with stapling music into paper folders. I didn’t bother telling the kids that the pieces were already in concert order; we naturally rehearsed them in varying orders. That worked very well; papers never came out. The plastic sheet covers I found at BJ’s Wholesale Club: a box of 200 for about $10!! I would give the kids all of the concert pieces at once. During down moments you can tell them to read a new piece. With these you could write in permanent marker a folder # on the cover. It’s not difficult to change out music. Good luck!!