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It sounds like you are doing a good job with what you have, but I will give you my thoughts and suggestions.
1. Find out what the minimum you administration will allow you to do as far as Pep band and Marching. As you pointed out with only 10 kids there it isn’t much fun. If they do want you to continue you can always ask other people in the school, parents, community members to join you in the Pep Band events. I did that when I taught at a small school and the community and students enjoyed it.

2. For the High School you could always focus on Chamber Music which will improve their musicianship, confidence and than you can have more of a recital/studio style concert.

3. Keep on building the the middle school and elementary, which it sounds like you are doing, and if they are enjoying it they will stick with it until High School and you will build the program. If you want to can make playing in the Pep Band a special thing that they (the Middle Schoolers) can earn so than you are challenging them to make themselves better.

I would love to find out what you do and how things go so please keep us updated. I used to work in a small school so I understand your concern and questions you are asking.