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1. My 7th grade beginning guitar class performs each semester as the opening act for the high school guitar concert. They also have several opportunities to perform for the school during chapel assembly.

2. A major part of this class includes teaching the students to read music notation and identify the notes on each string. I have found that the time we spend learning duets, trios or quartets especially resonates because the students are getting to make music. As they go through the process of learning this literature they begin to understand and accept the importance of music notation.

3. Helpful support has come in the form of parent emails and after concert discussions expressing their student’s enjoyment of the guitar and their desire to continue playing. The administration has been very supportive in their efforts to create an opportunity in the schedule for only beginners so everyone is at the same level.

4. We play for school events, such as those described above. However, I would like to work on collaborating with some of the other middle school guitar programs in the area to put on a joint concert or event.