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What great posts! I am particularly impressed that middle school teachers are providing such a rich set of experiences for their students. The comment about the sister school in China rang a pretty big bell with me. I am mentoring a teacher who works in a boarding school that has a significant number of kids from China. They are voracious guitar enthusiasts, and have made some very big contributions to the guitar program at the school. Mr. T, is your school an independent school? Muttyalas, you are so fortunate to have a class so ready to take on note reading and ensemble playing in middle school. Do other programs do that in your district as well? Are you primarily a guitarist? Orndorffm, is there a chance that you may be able to expand your program to include seventh graders in the future?

Thanks for the great response to my questions! Are there some high school teachers out there who can respond?

John Truitt
NAfME Council for Guitar Education