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Yes, WEST music has adapted instruments and aids.
Check with your school or district Occupational Therapist–they will adapt ANYTHING!
You can also just do your own thing. For example, it is often difficult for some children to use mallets with ball ends–to match up the ball with an instrument in the other hand–so just use a round stick or dowel. Thicker dowels are often easier to grasp, and easier to use for striking. You can also ‘share’ instruments such as you or a peer hold one finger cymbal still, while the other child strikes it. Forget about triangles for some of these kids–they twist and spin and are so difficult to use.
Start with one handed instruments such as shakers and jingle bell wrist bracelets. Tambourines. Two handed instruments are much more difficult to manipulate.
Substitute what you can. If the child has any insight into their disability, ask the child for ideas on how to best play or what you can do to make it accessible.