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The 2012 April Chorus Mentor, dr muse, weighed in:

At my school, there is a master calendar for all to see and events have to be approved by the administrative team before the event can take place. I know athletics sort of run their own schedule outside of regular school events, but our Principal sends out a weekly calendar/newsletter via email informing the entire faculty what is taking place that week or gives us a “heads up” about things that are in the near future.

I think it is a good idea to actually meet with the athletic director when you are doing your planning to make sure nothing is going to take place on the same day and time. At least make him/her aware of what you have going on. Diplomacy is always the best route to take in my opinion. Sending a nasty email may burn some bridges that you don’t need burned.

Our athletic director and I have discussions when planning events because we share so many of the same kids. I know that I am fortunate in this situation, but effort was made on both our parts to communicate and work together over the years. However, we have had event conflicts and the students simply had to choose.