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I am particularly concerned with a late turn out of my flute players. Circumstances that I still don’t understand set up a negative climate around one of my good flute players: a flute player leader quit band as she became senior, another good flute player moved to another school for family related issues, a third flute player has been always slacking up and feeding the sections with negative thoughts encouraging more “free” period than work, another player contributes wih minimal efforts to the section. This cimate has generated low level of motivation for my flute section. this is the first time it happens in my 15 years as band director. As the new school year approaches, I am afraid that my only best flute player will decide not to continue in Band. We are a small HS Band of 23 members. I don’t see the same issue happening in the other sections. What can I do while I prepare for my next school year? How can I prepared to adress this issue if is true? should I contact parents in advance? Help needed here. Thank you.

David N.