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Hi Joe, happy to help!

1) I probably use YouTube an average of three days a week. In general music classes I use it to supplement cultural and history lessons (watching the performance of a folk dance from another country that we are going to learn, watching a performance by a jazz or rock n roll great) and to show examples of great instrumental performances when teaching about instrument families. I also use recordings posted to YouTube (I’ll use just the audio not the video) to supplement my CD/mp3 collection. For instrumental ensembles, we watch and listen to exemplary performances. Many of my classes also earn “YouTube Time” as a reward for good behavior: once a month, if earned, we’ll watching something fun and music related (marching band field shows, pop arrangements done by bands or orchestras, musical clips or sketches from the Jimmy Fallon Show). In my guitar classes, I will link to videos of guitar lessons in Edmodo to supplement my teaching and to provide additional examples and explanations for students who need repeated instructions or want to dig deeper.

2) I always use videos to augment, never to replace. I often just show videos to the class using a SmartBoard, but if I want students to access on their own I will post videos to my school website. I also share videos with students on Edmodo. I do make my own content for guitar classes so that students can access lessons at home and on their own time so that they can move at their own pace through content, since that class is very mixed ability levels.

3) At my school, YouTube is not blocked. Students have access to the internet at home and at school.

Hope this helps!