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Bryan Burton is indeed a wonderful resource for Native American music. He has contributed many articles to General Music Today. Visit the NAfME periodicals page (, scroll down to General Music Today, and follow the links to the GMT page on the Sage Publications website. In doing a search on “Native American,” I found several articles and suggested resources.

Bryan Burton also contributed to the book Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, Vol. 2 ( for the chapter “Music of Native Peoples of North America.” In addition to a table of Regional Style Traits covering all of the U.S., an overview of instruments, a description of the Intertribal Powwow, and information on Contemporary Native American Music, lesson plans address the following tribes: Cherokee, Nanticoke, Apache, Iroquois, and Hopi. It also has an extensive Discography, with a section on the Northern Plains (Crow Grass Dance and Owl Dance, Intertribal Powwow Songs, Mandan-Hidatsa Songs, Plains Chippewa/Metis Music from Turtle Mountain, and Rabbit Songs of the Lakota–many from Canyon Records). He also mentions some websites (e.g., Lakota–; Hidatsa–

Good luck!
Linda Brown, NAfME Staff