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Hi loveislegend,

As you may have already had your interview for the position, I’ll be brief in my remarks. Clarinetcaitlin had several good suggestions and tips for you in regards to teaching voice and saxophone.

Your question mentions teaching beginner to advanced voice and private beginner saxophone. My immediate question is are you a vocalist? A saxophone player? Or both? In teaching voice and saxophone, it is extremely important to have experience in singing and playing the saxophone. If this is the case, teaching private lessons can be very similar to teaching in a classroom. To be effective in the private setting, you need to 1) Analyze your student’s performance to discern what he/she is doing well and what areas need improvement, 2) Diagnose the errors or problems that occur in his/her performance as well as praise the good things that are being done, 3) Prescribe solutions of ways to correct the errors, improve his/her performance, and continue to accentuate the good qualities of his/her performance, and 4) Implement the changes necessary to improve your student’s performance. If you are a vocalist and saxophonist, you can relate the appropriate information in each circumstance to instruct and motivate your students towards improved musical performance.

Dr. McClellan
NAfME Online Mentor