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Are you looking for a traditional show style or HBCU tradition? There is a big difference there…….When I think of traditional, I think of Big Ten marching bands. HBCU is something totally different……I won’t get into opinions on that, but I’m not sure I would call it traditional.

Depending on what you are looking for, I’ve taught both competitive style and the Big Ten/chair step style. What questions did you have?

Reynolds: I’m also from NE Ohio…..please explain no competition bands survive around here. I know of several very successful competitive marching bands in NE Ohio. North Royalton, Nordonia, Brunswick, Norton, Perry, Copley, North Canton Hoover, etc etc. Let’s not make blanket statements as both styles of bands are ok. As long as you do what you do well, there is educational value to both. What concerns me about NE Ohio is the amount of park and blow then roll around on the field bands I see popping up.