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I teach a Grade 6 Music Exploratory class and frequently dip in to ‘Making Music’ from Silver Burdette. It’s from 1990, I believe, so it’s absolutely archaic in my students’ minds. Before I hand them out, I make a ‘big deal’ out of this, explaining that the hair and ‘fashions’ on the models used in the books are so ‘twenty minutes ago,’ but it’s not about that. Because I make it funny and dramatic (and yes, I’ve poked some gentle fun at some of the hairstyles on the models), the kids seem willing to overlook it. They’re pretty enthused about getting to use a music book in the first place. I’m at a loss as to recommending a new set, since mine are so old. I tried contacting a textbook rep at the beginning of last year to request a desk copy to preview, because I was considering asking for a new set, too, but never heard back from the rep.